Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diane Cluck's Song-of-the-week-project!

Hello friends! I will now present to you a project i am really hoping will be realised: Diane Cluck's Song-of-the-week-project!
Diane Cluck is one of my favourite song makers, and her music is like glittering pieces of magic. The first song i heard and instantly fell in love with was "easy to be around" and there was something strange about it and her other songs - they didn't catch me right away, but i still kept listening for some reason - there was something about them, a feeling that couldn't be explained. and one by one they started to grow and bloom in my ears, and now i love all of her songs. I never get tired of listening to them.
in december 2011 she was on 'spinning on air' - where she is interviewed and she plays a mix of new and old songs, and it's really cosy.

Song-of-the-week is a project that will go on for six months. every week she will write, record and distribute a song, ending with a total of 24 songs. The project need subscribers to come true and there are different levels of subscriptions. Take a look and listen to some of her songs, maybe you'll like it too. she also has a shop on her website where you can listen to her songs. regardless, this music means a lot to me - which is why i'm sharing! :)

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