Monday, May 31, 2010

DADIU stuff

As i mentioned a couple of days ago, as a part of my education i spent the last 5 weeks in copenhagen working on the DADIU project CATNAPPED! . (DADIU = The National Danish Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment)
Each team consisted of about 14 students from various schools and had 5 weeks to make a small computer game. the students from my team study at The National Film School of Denmark, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, The Danish Design School, Kolding Design School, the Technical University of Denmark, The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen and of course The Animation Workshop. If you want to know more about DADIU, you can go to their website. You can also find the previous games on that site (pretty soon the new ones we did will be there too).

Anyway, as an animator there wasnt much to do in the beginning and in the end, since a lot of things has to be decided and models needed to be build before we could begin animating, and a lot has to be done after the animations are finished. so esben and i did some other stuff too. and until i figure out how to make playblasts of my animations, i can only show that other stuff :)

this is a character development sketch of the cat in our game:

character design sketches of the cat. the one with no colour was picked. then after this, esben used this to draw the final version of the cat, since he did the character design of the teddy and it was easier to get his drawing style into the cat that way.

colour tests for the cat.

some soap bubbles:

early sketches for the cat:

some drops i did, that i dont think made it into the final game. they arent really fitting the style of the game either, but personally i think they're pretty cool!

a cut scene between two levels in the game. I didnt draw the teddy, it was drawn by either our director, Mai Ulrikka Sydendal or our visual designer, Sophus Vinther - but everything else.

another cut scene - actually i didnt draw much of this. our director Mai did the linework and most of the colouring - i just drew the tapestry and changed the colour of the lamp, and cleaned up some of the lines.

sketches for the "yay, you won!" sequence:
final version:

colour tests for the teddy, designed by esben
sketches for the sequence that plays when you fall into the black hole:

final version:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

what i wore today 30.05.2010

for the flickr group: what i wore today

DADIU drawings

the last 5 weeks i've been in cph participating in the DADIU project catnapped!, and i did not draw as much as i usually do, but a bit escaped the pen and got down on paper! this is not all of it, but almost... i think i have one or two more. but they need colours :)

pandita studying for her exams.

pandita eating chips. i wonder if this was the day where she left me alone with that awful norwegian horror film.

sophus, one of dennis' victims.

the teddy from our game (paper version)

Friday, May 21, 2010


i spent the last 2,5 days on drawing this in photoshop - and without any use of the lasso tool (except from one time, in the end, when i gave up (on the grass))! and no use of the paintbucket either. haha. but it went better than i thought it would, at least.

EDIT: and of course this doesnt really make any sense unless you know, that i usually always draw the line on paper, scan it, colour it in photoshop using the paintbucket and lasso tool.
and that i have never done a picture like this in photoshop before. ever.

Friday, May 14, 2010


we are making a book of the members in Skarresøforeningen, and maybe the pages in it will look something like this.