Friday, June 12, 2009

after effects

today we finish a week of AFTER EFFECTS. here is one of the fantastic films i made ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

midway test

in february we had a midway test. the assignment was to make BERNARD from disney's THE RESCUERS to either pull or push a cup to the fruit bowl and make him climb into the bowl, and the animation should be no longer than 5 seconds. I got the push and this is my test:

la poudrière

in our 3 weeks of FLASH we did a project with the french director school LA POUDRIÈRE. the project was for them to make an animated tv series based on a children's book, and our job was to make some test animation with the characters. Here is one of the two i did. The story is about birds, and this bird's name is Puffin.


we almost just finished a couple of weeks learning FLASH, and this is my first flash animation. i could of course work a lot more with it to make it better, but i think it's fun as it is right now.