Friday, July 30, 2010

sketchbook p. 3, 4 and 6

some of the drawings from the sketchbook i'm drawing in for the sketchbook project!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

beast theatre

taw-monkey's new theme is BEAST THEATRE. Hmmm...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


i've been looking through a lot of different people's artwork the last two days, and wanted to do some greek mythology stuff. (it doesnt really have any connection to why i wanted to draw greek mythology stuff, but that's how it went) so i decided to draw hamadryads (nymphs of oak trees) and pan, but the drawing of pan never felt right to me. i tried colouring it anyway, but it still wasnt right. then i decided to throw it out and start over (which i havent done yet) - but i really liked the dryads, so i cut them out and here they are:

then yesterday sam bosma put up his fifth process post on his hobbit pieces, and i was once again amazed at how much work he puts into every illustration he makes. and he always thumbnails a lot before he gets a composition he likes, and i never do that - but i was thinking that i should try it out.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

the sketchbook project

I have to advertise for this project, because i get overly excited every time i think about it! it's brilliant! and i just took another look at the ART HOUSE CO-OP's website and there's so much more greatness like the sketchbook project - they do a lot of projects and the best thing is that it's for everyone!
personally a lot of my inspiration comes from watching other people producing art, and there are so many people participating in these things! that's also why i find illustration friday so great - it doesnt matter if you're a professional illustrator or if you just discovered last week that you want to learn how to paint - the energy that place is filled with and the joy of all the people who participates every week, that's really inspiring to me! just as much as looking at something artsy i like.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2nd year exam + assignments 2010

so. i guess i havent uploaded much of what i've been doing at school lately, which is probably because it's all so bad and i wanted to try and fix it before putting it out here - that never happened, and since i'm still learning i guess it's okay to show it anyway.. even if watching most of it does make my toes curl with embarrassment.

MY 2nd YEAR EXAM: i think this one is probably some of the best 3d animation i've done.
instructions: 5-8 seconds, a student has a hangover from a night of wild partying, is very tired and stretches his back when he is suddenly off balance and falls to the floor. reaction.

the following is a showreel of all the assignments i've done since christmas. i dont know where i put the other version, so this one also adds my poor skills with adobe premiere. brilliant! :)
contains: midway test, acting scene, 4legged walk/trot/run, 15-20 sec of dialogue (in 2 weeks), project quadruped (collab with the CGA line, pairs of two. they build the char/rig, we animated it, they did VFX or whatever it is afterwards. my collab partner was Birk von Brockdorff), self study (mine was fix boxlift and make new parkour scene).

chapter 18: the life and lies of albus dumbledore

I don't read a lot of books, though i wish i did, so the theme "illustrate a scene from a book" on TAW-monkey was for me pretty limited.
BUT every summer i read harry potter and currently i'm reading the last one "harry potter and the deathly hallows". this is chapter 18.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Skarresø Festival 2010 poster

i was asked to do a poster for Skarresøforeningen's annual festival, Skarresø Festival, and this is it: