Monday, July 12, 2010

2nd year exam + assignments 2010

so. i guess i havent uploaded much of what i've been doing at school lately, which is probably because it's all so bad and i wanted to try and fix it before putting it out here - that never happened, and since i'm still learning i guess it's okay to show it anyway.. even if watching most of it does make my toes curl with embarrassment.

MY 2nd YEAR EXAM: i think this one is probably some of the best 3d animation i've done.
instructions: 5-8 seconds, a student has a hangover from a night of wild partying, is very tired and stretches his back when he is suddenly off balance and falls to the floor. reaction.

the following is a showreel of all the assignments i've done since christmas. i dont know where i put the other version, so this one also adds my poor skills with adobe premiere. brilliant! :)
contains: midway test, acting scene, 4legged walk/trot/run, 15-20 sec of dialogue (in 2 weeks), project quadruped (collab with the CGA line, pairs of two. they build the char/rig, we animated it, they did VFX or whatever it is afterwards. my collab partner was Birk von Brockdorff), self study (mine was fix boxlift and make new parkour scene).

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