Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Naturens Mystik #2

Naturens Mystik

since we decided (more than 6 months ago) to do an exhibition with the theme: "Nature's Mystique" (sounds strange with whatever translation i come up with) (first place: HUSET i magstræde, kbh, feb 2009) i havent been able to draw anything to that theme at all. However, i discovered with those recent idiom-drawings i did, that i apparently have a thing for antique furniture, and decided to merge that into my drawings for Nature's Mystique. i'm not sure they're all going to be selected for the exhibition, i decided to just draw draw draw and see what would happen.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"at kende sine lus på gangen"

danish idiom. "to recognise your lice by their walk" or "to recognise your lice in the corridor" - the word "gang" means both walk and corridor. it means that you know someone really well and know what to expect from them. "hi lice, good to see you!"

i love idioms.

and this is not my natural choice of colours. i'm not that fond of using muddy colours, but i just decided to throw some colours on and change them later (because i seem to always choose turquoise, pink, purple or light orange) - turns out this combination is the one i like the best, after all. so there you go - drude goes muddy!

"at have et øre på hver finger"

danish idiom. i think the correct phrase is to have an EYE on each finger, but the first version i heard was "to have an ear on each finger" and i thought that was more fun to draw. this is my favourite of those 4 i've done today.

"at købe en nihalet kat"

another danish idiom: "to buy a nine-tailed cat" - apparently a "nine-tailed cat" is a punishment tool, a whip with nine ends, each end with a knot. 

"at flette næbbet"

i decided to spend the day drawing more danish idioms. This one "at flette næbbet" means "to braid the beak" and it means not saying anything. Actually i did this one first, completely different, but i didnt like it, so after i did the other 3, i decided to give it another go, but i stil dont like it that much.. maybe i should've left her dress without the dots. hmm...

no. maybe it's the colours. i dont know.. maybe it's the carpet.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


today i went train travelling again, and as i post this now, i realize that this is where it all started - all my train/life sketches started in this train. it was 9 months ago.

so on the occasion of that, i did a compilation of the first one and the most recent one. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas day

the first one is my cousin and her grandma trying to rebuild a wooden .. figure-me-out-thing.

The second one is my plate. my brother said it was a very uninspirering drawing, hahaha.. i found it interesting, though ;)


a new train drawing, this one is from the s-train E on my way to copenhagen a few days ago. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sad Lunch

also some time ago.. one of my sad lunches. happens once in a while.

tea break

me and carina having a tea break on the windowsill, some time ago. windowsills are lovely.


one of those things you just wish wont happen, and especially not during your period.
well, we're not all that lucky.

train travel

two train drawings from october and november 2008.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

kettle of cows

theme of the day: kettle of cows
today's medium: markers

(hmm.. wasnt able to keep that project going for very long, apparently.. at least it wasnt because i wasnt drawing, there are just so many things i want to draw!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ærø visit

Freja drawing, and Freja and Sofie and youtube.
november 2008.

more train travel

Draw the individual items of your favourite outfit

third theme.
medium today: i dont know what it's called in english, but it's maybe a kind of a felt pen, i'm pretty sure it's not really indian ink. it's the ones children always draw with.

draw you dinner

second theme: draw your dinner.
i got the medium: black + white

goose nettle wraps

Jody and i made a plan of things to draw for almost every day of the christmas break - we each have the same subject, but choose our own materials - this is the first one: Goose Nettle Wraps, and i got the medium: pencil.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

something i did last night - just to try a longstudy again - i missed the drawing school so much when we went to their fall 2008 exhibition!!! i used a statue in the Brammes book as a reference, but it's pretty hard to figure it out from that, haha. like when we did a longstudy from one of our croquis! haha and the feet! but it was fun!
it's a4 paper, 4b pencil and about 4 hours.

Friday, December 12, 2008

design class II

we just finished week 2 of DESIGN CLASS and these two assigments made me see something new. i found this way of rendering to be very interesting, and i think i would like to experiment more with that!

this is the thursday-assignment: "draw an abstraction of joy" and it had to have all the elements of design we've gone through so far (line, shape, value, form, space, texture) and i neither dig abstractions nor get abstractions, so those abstract assignments we get are very hard for me to do.

and the wednesday-assignement: "junkyard romance"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

what do you do when you're waiting for your computer to get fixed?

.. and it's sunday and you don't know what to do?

this is just for fun, we just finished a project where one of the groups did a "red little riding hood"-dance and had a model sheet/ dancing sheet for the dance, and i just thought it would be fun to try and do it. i didnt have anything else to do today, but i'm very hungry now and i got a little impatient in the end ;) i used 6 hours.

i didnt use pencil, drew it with a pen - an experiment suggested by Jody. Difficult, but interesting!

Monday, December 1, 2008

because croquis is all i draw these days.

monday evening croquis, once again. i think i will try and go every monday. it seems like a nice rythm.