Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Naturens Mystik

since we decided (more than 6 months ago) to do an exhibition with the theme: "Nature's Mystique" (sounds strange with whatever translation i come up with) (first place: HUSET i magstræde, kbh, feb 2009) i havent been able to draw anything to that theme at all. However, i discovered with those recent idiom-drawings i did, that i apparently have a thing for antique furniture, and decided to merge that into my drawings for Nature's Mystique. i'm not sure they're all going to be selected for the exhibition, i decided to just draw draw draw and see what would happen.


DevilGirl said...

I like it very much. congratulations!

Drude Mangaard said...

thank you! i appreciate it :D

carthiel said...

hehe =D curious. you could get lots of stories from these things =D