Tuesday, October 27, 2009

atumn in the forest.

my arm has been aching a bit for the last 2 weeks from all the computer and middle mouse in school, and if i draw - it gets worse!! :( so seeing as i'm not very fond of the consequense being that i'm unable to draw - in my desperation i suddenly remembered watercolours. very little pressure to arm and hand. PERFECT. so now i can draw again, juhuu!

in the fall break i went for a walk in the forest with my family :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

4 weeks with HOGAN.

after 3 weeks with a ball, a lamp and a flour sack, we were introduced to HOGAN - and since i know not everyone knows what MAYA looks like, my family for instance, i took some screen shots to give you an idea of how it works. so here he is - with all the controls and the 3 basic tools all of the controls have (in some cases some of them are deactivated, luckily) which are the move tool, rotation tool and scale tool.

there are many ways to set up the layout you use, but this is basically how i do it.

and this is an overview of the three different kinds of curves we use the most at the moment: stepped, linear and spline.

so anyway, back to Hogan. it was a horrible experience for me and i hated maya and 3d more than ever, but towards the end i went back to thinking that 3d is.. okay.
1) do 7 poses: deflated, embarrased, empathetic, frantic, inhibited, nervous, smug.
2) do a weight shift from 1 pose to another
3) do a take
4) do an action in 25 frames in stepped
5) do a bow
6) do a walk cycle + walk across screen
7) do a personality walk + walk across screen
8) do a run + run across screen

Saturday, October 24, 2009


most of the paintings i did when i was atttending the art course, Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk. (fall 2007) acrylics, spray cans, ink and posca. all on canvas. i used inspiration from photos from and photos i took during the photo class. (my courses were painting, photo and painting again)

70 x 70 cm

70 x 70 cm

70 x 45 cm

70 x 70 cm

70 x 70 cm

60 x 80 cm

45 x 65 cm

65 x 65 cm

50 x 75 cm

45 x 70 cm

45 x 70 cm

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

week 43: autumn

weekly drawing. tried to continue with more art nouveau, but it got a bit more drudilized than i intended. actually it didnt come out the way i'd imagined at all, but that's how it is sometimes.

the return of the floursack.

third week of MAYA. and now the horrors begins. until this point i'd found maya unbelievably fun! (and i did not expect that at all, since i've always been a big fan of 2d) but with the floursack here i went back to praising 2d.
and a step up in the control amount - i have lost track, but already too many.

the assigments:
1. use only SPLINE curves. do a drop.
2. use only LINEAR curves. do a jump cycle.
3. use only STEPPED curves. do a skip. (no. 4 in the video here though) (i had a really tough time doing the skip)
4. do a dance cycle in max 24 frames. use stepped -> linear -> spline.
5. do a swim cycle. use stepped -> linear -> spline.


second week of MAYA. we worked with the luxolamp, which has 3 controls (whereas the ball only has one) - the head, the foot and the middle part of the "neck".

the assignments:
1. do a jump
2. do a jump cycle in space, and then by moving the world (the placement control, which is actually the fourth control)
3. do two jumps, and then let luxo interact with a box
4. make a dance (the music piece i chose is "beirut - bratislava")
5. do your own version of the pixar intro - with CA08 instead of Pixar. (our class is called CA08 (formerly known as KAU08))

maya introduction.

this year (second year) we're doing 3d animation in autodesk maya, and these are from the first week. the first 2 are pretty squashed in the format, because i didnt know how to do proper playblasts at the time... :)

the assignments were:
1. do a bouncing ball.
2. do a bouncing ball with smaller and smaller jumps, and one jumping up and down.
3. build an environment for your ball-with-attitude.
4. do a ball with an attitude, in your own environment.
5. do a sqaush bouncing ball - do two balls interacting with each other.

Friday, October 16, 2009

sing along.

another family member has reached a level of age-with-a-song - this time my cousin turns 18! these are the small quick drawings for that one.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

art nouveau-border-thingy

this is a suggestion to what could be framing the text on Skarresøforeningen's website's new layout.

Monday, October 5, 2009

a rainy skarresø day.

i just realised i forgot to scan this one! we're in skarresø and it's cold and raining a lot, so we're having cosy sleepy time in front of the fireplace - and birgitte in front of the computer :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

sketching day

keld, jody and i went sketching yesterday, and here are two of the sketches i did.