Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the return of the floursack.

third week of MAYA. and now the horrors begins. until this point i'd found maya unbelievably fun! (and i did not expect that at all, since i've always been a big fan of 2d) but with the floursack here i went back to praising 2d.
and a step up in the control amount - i have lost track, but already too many.

the assigments:
1. use only SPLINE curves. do a drop.
2. use only LINEAR curves. do a jump cycle.
3. use only STEPPED curves. do a skip. (no. 4 in the video here though) (i had a really tough time doing the skip)
4. do a dance cycle in max 24 frames. use stepped -> linear -> spline.
5. do a swim cycle. use stepped -> linear -> spline.

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