Monday, October 26, 2009

4 weeks with HOGAN.

after 3 weeks with a ball, a lamp and a flour sack, we were introduced to HOGAN - and since i know not everyone knows what MAYA looks like, my family for instance, i took some screen shots to give you an idea of how it works. so here he is - with all the controls and the 3 basic tools all of the controls have (in some cases some of them are deactivated, luckily) which are the move tool, rotation tool and scale tool.

there are many ways to set up the layout you use, but this is basically how i do it.

and this is an overview of the three different kinds of curves we use the most at the moment: stepped, linear and spline.

so anyway, back to Hogan. it was a horrible experience for me and i hated maya and 3d more than ever, but towards the end i went back to thinking that 3d is.. okay.
1) do 7 poses: deflated, embarrased, empathetic, frantic, inhibited, nervous, smug.
2) do a weight shift from 1 pose to another
3) do a take
4) do an action in 25 frames in stepped
5) do a bow
6) do a walk cycle + walk across screen
7) do a personality walk + walk across screen
8) do a run + run across screen

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