Thursday, July 22, 2010


i've been looking through a lot of different people's artwork the last two days, and wanted to do some greek mythology stuff. (it doesnt really have any connection to why i wanted to draw greek mythology stuff, but that's how it went) so i decided to draw hamadryads (nymphs of oak trees) and pan, but the drawing of pan never felt right to me. i tried colouring it anyway, but it still wasnt right. then i decided to throw it out and start over (which i havent done yet) - but i really liked the dryads, so i cut them out and here they are:

then yesterday sam bosma put up his fifth process post on his hobbit pieces, and i was once again amazed at how much work he puts into every illustration he makes. and he always thumbnails a lot before he gets a composition he likes, and i never do that - but i was thinking that i should try it out.

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