Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the days that ended.

Christmas and EndOfYear-events have passed, as well as my days as an intern at Mikrofilm. Because i had such a lovely time, i am going to post some photos. Everyone i met in Norway has been really great, but especially Lise and Kajsa - thank you! :)

And these are some photos from my last days. In this one Cathinka and Magnhild are decorating the studio for the annual christmas party.

the cosy christmas party:

Leftovers from the christmas party, and my last day at mikrofilm.

happy lunch times with leftover food from the party.

And in the evening, which was my last evening in Oslo as well, Lise took me to a christmas presents making workshop with her family. Seemingly, i tend to build houses by default now :)

This next photo is taken by Andreas. quite unexpectedly in the middle of the christmas party i suddenly got presents! lovely books ! :)

these are the books: three comics and a rather large book with wonderful photos of brilliant paper crafts!

thank you, all of you!
and merry christmas and happy new year! :)

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