Friday, March 26, 2010

self study

today we finish 2 weeks of SELF STUDY. I had some old assignments that i needed to finish to get the points i need to graduate, which i were unable to do at that time because of my tennis elbow - my box lift assignment and my parkour assignment. so one week for the box lift and one week for the parkour.

PARKOUR- I decided to do a new one. the last one was this. and since i only had a week to do it, i decided to do the scene from Twilight: New Moon where jacob does some parkour, in stead of spending time on creating something spectacular from my imagination.

BOX LIFT - i had done half of this already, but i had to do some inconvenient changes in the beginning, such as changing the arms from FK to IK - why i ever thought it was such a brilliant idea to do it with FK arms back then, i have absolutely no idea. I am still not particularly happy with this, but at least it's more finished now than it was before.

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isa_h said...

you make the perfect scene of new moon!!!