Tuesday, March 2, 2010

filmjam bits

week 6, 2010: all 1st and 2nd year students at our school did a FILM JAM project together. we were divided in 6 groups, each with a director from outside, and my director was the estonian PRIIT TENDER. our group was subdivided into two groups, because we were about 15 people, and the two films we did are connected in the same universe and put together, and looping in the end. so i guess it's more like, one group did the first part of the film and the other group did the last part of the film.

and these are the scenes i did. as always we had 5 days and a "30 seconds-1 minute" time limit. when i exported this in premiere just now, it seems like i did something strange to cause the shadow-frame-thing when the movie plays (if it's present in this one) - i dont understand that programme. but anyway, i thought it looked kinda cool anyway, so i didnt bother fixing it.

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