Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wuthering heights

i was trying to read WUTHERING HEIGHTS by emilie brontë, but after reading 40 pages or so i decided to wikipedia the book, and although i already knew the story was pretty depressing from the beginning, i'm just not in the mood for that amount of depression right now.
but that doesnt mean i'm not in the mood for fan art :D so this is in the beginning where mr. lockwood visits wuthering heights and invites himself for tea in a house that doesnt particularly welcome visitors.

ehm.. and i didnt really know what i was aiming for, when i made this - which makes drawing a drawing pretty difficult! so i started out with a pencil drawing, and while i put on some of the colours i turned off the layer with the pencil lines.. and i thought it was interesting.. but then i didnt know how to do the lines, because it always looks horrible when i try to draw in photoshop - but i tried anyway - learning by doing, as they say.. haha, not very succesful. i love the background, though!

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