Monday, December 14, 2009

unfinished business.

a short while ago i went looking for an old drawing i once did inspired by my work experiences as a costumer consultant for a phone company, but i didnt find it. but i know it's here somewhere.. nevertheless, i got to look through a bunch of my old sketch books and found a surprising number of long forgotten (and in some cases unfinished) drawings. so i figured, since i dont have anything "new" to show, i could post some of those! - i am actually in the middle of a new drawing, but i can only draw a very little at a time with this tennis elbow of mine, so it's coming along quite slowly... but.. someday..

okay, this one i did during my stay at kunsthøjskolen i holbæk

and these two i did during the very first of days when i moved to viborg

i have no idea when this was done, but i just love the tree! i think i have a thing for trees.

and this one is based on a song by MUGISON called "hold on to happiness". the lyrics are included. i love that song.

and one more drawing without a face

also from the beginning of the viborg days

and these were experiments. at the time i was not satisfied, but now i think they're kinda cool.

and i dont know when this is from - but i'm guessing 2007-something.

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