Monday, December 28, 2009

twilight fan art.

hahahaa.. i think it looks kind of odd! well, for quite some time i was utterly obsessed with the TWILIGHT books by stephenie meyer, and i have been working on this for a very long time - not so much in drawing time, but date time. i wanted to do this in watercolours, but over time and time of resting my arm i wanted to try finishing it in photoshop, because i got pretty bored with the watercolour. i used a screenshot from the movie as my reference, wanting this to be an experiment with finding the right colours. i was still aiming for that when photoshop took over, but i couldnt make everything as dark as they're supposed to be, so it's not that accurate. and the whole thing looks kind of weird. it was also an experiment with mixed media - watercolours and photoshop. haha. in a way it looks exactly how i wanted it to, and in a way it doesnt look anything like it at all. i like it - and i dont like it.
hahaha.. but it was fun to draw.

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