Friday, May 8, 2009

animation jam 2

these two weeks we've been working on a new animation jam. (of which 3 days were spent on animating) the class was divided into 8 groups, and i was together with jody and mikkel.v. Like last time, we randomly got a location and an emotion, and ours were "nervous, jumpy" and "on the moon". the project was done in tv paint, and like last time the time limit was 30 seconds.

the whole film will be uploaded later, because it takes like a million years to upload videos and the final one is pretty big, so i'll do that some other time.

these are some still images from the scenes i animated.
oh and btw i did the cinema-background, mikkel.v did all the watercolours and jody did all the on-the-moon-backgrounds.

these are the scenes i did.
forgot to export the sound of the dog barking in the one below, though.

just for fun, i made a cleaned up version of this scene, just to see what it would look like. did it a bit fast, not bothering too much to make it pretty, took me max 2 hours. (clean line and new colour)

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