Friday, April 10, 2009

the kidney licker.

okay. actually i'm not sure precisely where this idea came from, but we were talking about arna's illness (she was put in hospital because of a kidney disease) and somehow the joke of a kidney licker arose. and i wanted to draw it :)

i think it's.. pretty gross. drawing it was gross. researching for reference materials was gross.. haha. but i just loved the idea! so i had to do it anyway. and it was quite interesting to draw surgery-hospital-environment, i've never drawn doctors and such before.

the colouring technique might be changed. i dont know. in a way i like it this way, but on the other hand i think it's way too "the paint bucket in photoshop is my best friend" - but it IS after all done with the paint bucket, as well as all my other drawings always are. i would like to colour in different ways. But my wacom is 300 kms away, so this was all i could do for now.

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