Saturday, January 3, 2009

train travel, january 2nd 2009

i drew this on my way home from yet another trip to copenhagen, the first drawing made in 2009! hooray! i was looking at sara's beautiful drawings drawn on beautiful brown paper, and i want to draw on brown paper too! But since this was made on shiny white paper, today was the first day it hit me, that photoshop really loves us! why dont i just try putting a brown layer under the drawing? So i scanned a brown envelope, and it's MAGIC!
i still like the white version though, so i'm in a million minds about the colouring. this one i've decided to like the best:

but because i also really like the other versions, i made a compilation of them. i should stop making so many different-but-yet-so-very-alike-versions. they cause me endless worry, so much that it's enough to turn my hair grey.

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