Thursday, November 20, 2008


as i said, i tried to make another version of mutated animals. though they are not all as easy to read, these are the members of my class at KAU. somehow the colouring on this one ALSO gave my quite a hard time, but it's always hard to choose the colours. i started out with pink, and ended up in green. anyway, this is the second try and the only thing that annoys me now, is that christians blue butterfly is exactly in the center of the picture. hm....
oh, and i think this is the first time ever i've given myself orangey hair... :/ usually i make it light pink.


jodyojody said...

hahahahahhahahhahahahahah heheheheh duuuehh!! :D hang it up tomorrow!

carthiel said...

it's so fun spotting the people! =D