Monday, September 29, 2008

cosy time.

Jody, Sara and I having cosy time

Jody in england, me in denmark and Sara in singapore.

not really happy with this one, but until i draw another this will have to do.
Me and Sara the last cosy time-morning.


carthiel said...

oh dear your blogspot is in danish =[ But anyway, if this comment is up, that means i did it right. =D
I haven't seen this one! I just feel all sad again seeing this... I miss you drude!

Drude Mangaard said...

hm apparently blogspot doesnt tell me when i get comments (still have alot to figure out i think haha) anyway, i only saw your comment now!

it is! grrrr it's annoying, i dont know how to change it! :/

No i know.. it didnt turn out the way it was in my head. i was sad too when i drew it... :( and I miss you, Sawaa!! HUGS

carthiel said...

haha! =D i was just feeling kinda down so i came to visit your site again =D it always makes me happy, looking at your drawings =D i miss you drudydoodedoo! HUG!

Drude Mangaard said...

aww <3 i miss you too, Saraabit! HUG HUG HUG!